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About Atlanta CARES Mentoring Movement

The Atlanta CARES Mentoring Movement stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for underprivileged children to conquer obstacles and realize their fullest potential. Through the unwavering commitment of compassionate adults serving as mentors and tutors, we empower these children with the confidence and skills vital for success. Yet, our mission transcends conventional academic support; we are devoted to nurturing literacy skills that serve as the bedrock for lifelong learning and triumph.

Central to our endeavors lies the conviction that literacy serves as a cornerstone of empowerment. By cultivating robust literacy skills, we not only prepare students for academic triumph but also arm them with the capabilities to flourish in an ever-evolving world. Through immersive and personalized programs, we ignite a passion for reading and writing, thereby unlocking pathways to new vistas of opportunity and broadening horizons.

Additionally, to further enrich the educational experiences of the children we serve, we integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning activities into our programs. Through hands-on experiments, coding workshops, robotics competitions, and interactive projects, we inspire curiosity and critical thinking skills. By exposing students to STEM disciplines, we prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the future, ensuring they possess the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world. Through these initiatives, we empower our youth to become innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders in their communities and beyond.

STEM EnRICH Summer Academy students earn certificates for completing Data Analytics class.

Our meticulously crafted programs are tailored to address the unique needs of children residing in communities grappling with a low child well-being index. We place paramount importance on their holistic development, acknowledging that academic success is merely one facet of a gratifying existence. By offering mentorship, tutoring, and enrichment activities, we bolster their emotional, social, and cognitive growth, laying the foundation for a promising future.

With a keen focus on fostering career readiness and college preparedness, we shepherd students along the journey to high school graduation and beyond. We staunchly believe that every child merits access to quality education and the chance to pursue their aspirations. Through the Atlanta CARES Mentoring Movement, we are effecting transformative change, one child at a time, by nurturing literacy  and STEM skills and instilling a lifelong passion for learning. Together, we are forging a community where every child is afforded the opportunity to thrive and excel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure and transform the lives of  children by inspiring, recruiting and mobilizing masses of caring  men and women to mentor and nourish them. Our national volunteer affiliate network connects adults to local youth-serving organizations. Our national group-mentoring programs focus on the emotional, social and academic development of our children and the wellness of the adults who parent, care for and mentor them.


Susan L. Taylor Founder & CEO National CARES Mentoring Movement

Susan L. Taylor is the founder and CEO of the National CARES Mentoring Movement.  After 27 years at the helm of Essence magazine, Taylor left publishing to devote her life to building the National CARES Mentoring, founded as Essence CARES. The National CARES mission is to help end inter-generational poverty by securing and transforming the lives of under-resourced children. National CARES affiliates recruit caring adults to serve as mentors and role models at local youth-serving organization.  The national group-mentoring programs focus on the emotional, social and academic development of children and the wellness of the adults who parent and mentor them.

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